Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tree Hunting Day!

On Nov. 27 a big group of our friends got together at Hunter's Tree Farm for our annual Tree Hunt! After feeding the goats and looking at the turkey, reindeer and pig we loaded onto the big wagon and slowly headed toward the Christmas trees.

We filled the tractor-pulled wagon.

Boys ridin' in the back!

Our big, cute group of friends! We took our group picture and then we were all off - to find the perfect tree!

It didn't take us long to find a really good one! We get a short tree, cause it's cheaper, and then put it up on big box at home so all the presents have room underneath. All the kids got to take turns helping Dada cut it down with the big saw.

When we got back from our wagon ride we sipped hot cocoa and warmed up by the wood stove and Santa came in. So we were able to get a rather good shot of all the kids with him - no criers! (Well at least not because of the picture with Santa. No more hot cocoa because of disobeying did result in crying for one.)

The traditional strong Dada picture. It actually looks funnier before they get tied, but those boy scouts are too darn fast and had them all tied up right away.

The manger scene at the front of Hunter's may be where Opal's love of Baby Jesus was sparked again.

Afterward we all headed to Farelli's for pizza. It was tasty, but probably because we were sooo hungry from our long wait, and they changed the seating and put walls between them so we couldn't all sit together. Next year we may have to find a new lunch option. But it was still a great Tree Hunting Day after all.


Tiffany Nevil said...

Ah man, this is so sad. :( I can't believe we won't get to do this anymore! We miss you guys so stinkin' much!

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