Saturday, February 25, 2012

Skiing with Poppie and Nonnie!

When we arrived home after midnight on January 30th from our quick trip to Mexico, Poppie and Nonnie had beat us home. They had driven up from CA and needed to work on rentals again. Fortunately, it wasn't an all consuming rental trip and we did get to have some extracurricular fun, like skiing!

On February 7th, we took everyone up to Snoqualmie in the bus. The littles and I hung out in the lodge. (Which to my dismay lacked comfortable couches, instead they provided wooden stools, not the best for a nursing option, but oh well.) Eben and Kivi went out with Nonnie, Poppie and Dada to the "magic carpet" to try and remember how to ski. They had snowboarded two years ago, so it had been a while.

Jasper and Opal got busy working on projects while Berg walked in circles all around the tables for hours.
We took some breaks to go and watch the big kids learn to ski and walk around in the cold air.
After a while they decided they were ready to try out a bigger hill and Nonnie took them up on the chair lift.
The plan to have Eben ski between Nonnie's legs didn't go as planned. He's a little too big for that at this point. Then they tried having him hold onto Nonnie's poles while they skied down together. That was difficult too. But they did make it down the mountain.
I knew my not-so-little, cautious man just needed some tough love. So I had him go down the mountain without help. I skied in front of him and demonstrated the "pizza" position the whole way down. We went nice and slow and practiced turning. He did great!
Then it was our adventurous girl's turn to go with Mama.
Kivi is really daring and loves to try new things, so she picked it up really fast.
The shock of the day was our little Opie-o. All of a sudden she decides she wants learn how to snowboard! So of course Peter lets her get on all the gear and try it out. I'm pretty sure she just wanted to try it for the "magic carpet" ride.
Either way, she did amazing! She boarded down the little mini hill over and over again. She was soooo cute!
Meanwhile, Eben and Kivi kept skiing better and better alongside Nonnie.
Peter bought them these cool little contraptions to help them keep their skis together and they worked really well, no splits and their skis didn't cross.
The little kids got a bit restless, especially Berg since he missed both of his naps, but they held it together. Movies always help with that, yay iPad. Pella was amazing the whole time - like she always is. Thank you, Jesus for the wonderful "eat, wake, sleep" plan! (and binkies!)


Momacita said...

Oh that was such a fun day! Let's do it again!!!! The kids picked it up so great. They are naturals. I couldn't believe how fast Kivi flew down the mountain. And by the end of the day I think Eben was even faster. More great memories! And now Peter has someone to hit the slopes with!

Cedar said...

Oh look at that sweet little bundled face! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Tiffany Nevil said...

Ooooh! What a fun new look for the blog! Are those their Easter outfits? They are so stinking cute! Way to go Eben and Kivi and Opie-Op! So proud of the bravery you exhibit. Looks like serious fun. Love you guys!
The Nevil Crew

Mimi said...

I'm trying to learn how to post a comment. I love you,

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