Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tangled Week

We have been doing school all throughout the summer. Taking a break last year, because of various vacations and trips and then trying to get back into a schedule and back on task come Sept was a big, huge pain. So I decided then that we would keep trucking on through the summer with school if nothing else just to keep our regular routine and rhythm so it wasn't so overwhelming come Fall. We've taken little breaks here and there and mainly have done a modified easy learning version of school with lots of task badge chores and reading and math everyday. So instead of starting school full on in September, we had Tangled Week and I challenged Eben and Kivi to come up with a schedule that would work for the fun song that Rapunzel sings, "When Will My Life Begin" Eben even made his into a video as I taped them doing everything from paper mache to brushing their hair.
 The funny thing is we realized that she only gives herself 15 minutes in the morning to do all the cleaning, the rest of the day is filled with crazy, fun activities and lots of reading. Also she doesn't allot time for breakfast, getting dressed or going to the bathroom.
All of the kids enjoyed painting murals on the walls of the shed. This is the floating lanterns.

Kivi sketching a lamb.

Berg has been working really hard on his letters and loves his time with Mama learning their sounds, how to write them and the letter puzzles.

At the end of the week Dada set up an outdoor Tangled movie viewing. He rigged up the projector, tiki torches, and a big screen. The kids got blankets, pillows and chairs and I got the ice cream sandwiches! It worked so well, we did it again a couple nights later with friends, a screen 4 times larger (I sewed four sheets together.) and a different movie!

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