Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pella & Tuff's Pancakes and Pajamas Party!

We originally planned the Big Breakfast Bash to be on November 11th, but we had just had Baby Flint on the 7th! So...we changed it to December 2nd. Which was actually just about a week after their birthdays instead of before.
We made the cakes. Pella wanted pancakes and Tuff got eggs and bacon!
Dada was ready with the Omelet Bar and the make your own pancake creation griddles with three different batters was hot. (Wait! I'm just now realizing that Dada didn't wear pajamas! - What?)
Nonnie had come a little early to help us get everything prepped and the kids ate a first breakfast before everyone started arriving. Before their big day, Dada took Pella and Tuff to go buy them some brand new jammies. Tuff picked out truck jammies and Pella found Pikachu ones to match her biggest brother!

Pella's great breakfast idea - Donut cake balls. Which was actually so much easier than regular cake balls because you just use already made donut holes! Mama made Tuff three whale pancakes during the course of the party! You could make whatever shape you wanted with the batter in squeeze bottles, but Tuff just wanted the whales.
Grandparent corner. Grandma had recently had surgery, but they were able to come and so did Mimi. And Flint is fast asleep.
Breakfast time! This part actually took up most of the party- eating, making fun pancakes and omelets and more eating! That might be Tuff and Pella's favorite thing to do anyway.
We played a flip the pancake onto the target game which we called "Pancake Flop". It was actually a pretty hard game! We even had an adult round.
The group photo!!
Singing to our 6 and 3 year olds!
Morning Cake!
Then it was present time and everyone went home, because our church's Christmas Women's Tea was that afternoon and Nonnie had decorated a table for us!

Pella, you are such a bright light to our family! You are a caring, loving, joyful girl who is helpful and sweet and cuddly. I love to see you taking care of your little brothers and helping around the house. You love to be a servant, you clean and paint and play with babies. This is your first year officially doing school - with your own list and you are amazing! You are already a great reader. You are in Sparks at Awana and are flying through your book memorizing God's Word. You have so many friends and are a pleasure to be around. We love you so much! We pray that you will always live life to the fullest for Jesus, Chuggy Lu! Happy 6th Birthday!

Tuff our Man of the Hour - every hour, every minute! You are a live, full energy, ball of fire, non-stop show! You make us roll on the floor laugh out loud all the time! You have some amazing dance moves, faces, phrases, poses and ways you do just about everything. Sometimes you're a handful, but you make life exciting indeed. You are always performing! You love to play guitar, dance, watch shows (maybe you like that a little too much) play with your brothers and sisters and "help" them. You love to do whatever the big kids do, but you like to call yourself one of the babies. You are a great big brother to Coaly and kiss him all the time. You are still learning how to sit still - one day! You did amazing this year at potty training and were determined to master it so you could go to Cubbies even though you were only two! We are so excited to see how you are going to use your bigger than life personality to glorify God! We love you, Tuffy! Happy 3rd Birthday!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Seaside Thanksgiving!

Nov. 22 - 26th we went to Seaside, OR to bring back our Thanksgiving tradition of going somewhere fun! We used to go to a hotel and then we had Pella and then Tuff hours before Thanksgiving so we stopped that plan, but we brought it back! Flint was a November baby, but not a Thanksgiving baby!

Peter found a house for us to rent with a beautiful ocean view, right across from the water.
Peter and Pella had a Dada/Daughter clamming in the rain time on her birthday (they didn't find any), then they came back and both cooked the turkey! We had a lovely birthday/Thanksgiving meal, days of playing, movie watching, Switch time, our traditional Goodwill trip, ice cream treats, walks, more clamming (we found 3 - enough for Dada to make chowder!), finding a shipwreck and swimming at the community center!

Also, the couch at this house was amazing! It actually was the impetus to replacing our couches at home and getting a mega couch that would fit us all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Eben's Parkour 14th Birthday!

Dada took all the guys (and Kivi) to Parkour Visions to learn some tricks and play around their huge warehouse of obstacles!

They climbed it all.
Eben opened his presents in the dining room turned living room while the hard wood floors get redone.
Back at the house we made bacon and fruit kabobs and on the way home Dada stopped to let everyone pick out a box of cereal.
He wanted cereal for his birthday dinner.
And a mochi ball cake.

Happy Birthday, 14 year-old!

Eben, you have done so much this year! Most of all - grow! You've grown and inch a month for the last couple months! Your hair did too, but you cut it off to go to Washington DC with Nonnie in May! Your favorite things to do are play video games (you bought your own Switch),  Ripstik, go to youth group, read huge books, eat cereal and sleep in. You continue to serve with worship arts at the sound board and this year you are jumping in to leading the games at Awana with your own team! You are helpful, encouraging and patient. You are an amazing big brother and leader. You are quickly becoming one strong, godly man! We love you, Eben! Happy Birthday!

First Half of November



11.9 - Jessica came to take pictures of Flint!

Coal's first steps!! Our latest walker.

Every week Miss Toni comes to give Mama a hot stone massage. The girls are learning the art.
The helpers.

Auntie Tonya's Shoebox packing party.
Nonnie and Poppie's anniversary.

11.13 Swimming in the Federal Way pool.

11.16 time to take out the living room carpet.