Friday, December 5, 2008

Megan Is Here!

On November 3, I got to have the privilege of being the Schocks birth photographer! It's so amazing to see a baby being born! And Megan shot out, literally. It was a water birth, which I am a huge fan of and Shari delivered her in the same room and tub at the Birthing Inn that Opal was born in, so it brought back all sorts of recent memories. It was such a surreal moment and the world seemed to stop as soon as that little life hit the air. We were all just in awe of her. I think when you get to witness someone else's birth, you have more time to take it in. In all of my births I remember just being on auto pilot. Not as much emotionally tied into the fact that a miracle is taking place as much as I should be. More driven to make sure the people around me are doing what they are suppose to be doing, pictures, videos, not letting the baby fall on the tile floor, and concentrating on being fully relaxed, so that I will feel nothing.  It made me want another chance, Megan's birth. I've had 4 very successful, and rather painless births, so I can't complain, and everyone knows I want more kids. But, I want to be there emotionally next time. I've never cried at one of my births. I want to be really there. I want to cry.


Shannon Tague said...

wow mades. thats really deep. you say you aren't deep. i think you just say that to cover up the well that you are.

Tiffany Nevil said...

What a neat experience! Thanks for sharing your heart.