Monday, January 19, 2009

Me So Sad.

I let the kids watch the movie Ice Age today because my poor Sweet Pea has a fever and just wants to lay down. I let the boys have hot cocoa cause they did so well at their jobs. Well, Eben did good, Jasper needed much prodding to basically reach inside the dryer and drag the clothes 6 inches into the basket. But hey, he did it. So a little hot cocoa for him too. But by the time he got his, Eben and Kivi had already started to watch the movie downstairs and the cocoa must be consumed (and spilled) at the upstairs kitchen table. He sat there for 5 seconds. Torn. Then he slid off the chair and walked to the top of the stairs with his head hung and muttered, "Me no hot cocoa. Me watch movie. Me so sad."