Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus 2009!

Christmas Eve 2009

We went to a candlelight service at Lake City Community Church this year. It was beautiful and fun to include our kids in the lighting of the candles and the symbolic passing on of Jesus' love and the Good News about Him to others.

After the service we went home and opened our traditional white present with the gold bow which always contains our matching Christmas jammies. Eben had it figured out, but to the rest it was a surprise. We spread the matching tradition to Grandma, Grandpa and cousins this year and made them all wear the matching attire the next day at our house.

Christmas Day 2009

Every Christmas we have the same traditions to follow. Peter calls me the director, because I tell everyone what to do and when. And Peter is the producer, because he does everything to make Christmas happen. He does the stockings, all the Christmas buying and wrapping, makes the Christmas breakfast and the meal, lights the fires, turns on the tree, gets the cake ready with candles. And then he lets me and kids enjoy it all. I really love him! He loves to see people relax and have fun. I really appreciate all that he does on our family's most anticipated birthday of the year.

My mentor mom from Mops made us a beautiful chocolate peanut butter mousse cake for Jesus' birthday cake this year. And we successfully made the nativity for the top out of white chocolate without destroying 3 microwaves like last year! Hurray!

After we sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and blow out the candles, Dada reads the story of Luke 2 from the Bible.

Then we open stockings. Grandma and Grandpa get one too.

This year the kids all went shopping for each other. Peter took them all on their own separate trips to the Dollar Tree and they picked out whatever they wanted for each other and me. Kivi bought the boys light saber swords which were a big hit. Besides the kid's gifts to each other they opened lots of presents from Mimi and grandparents. I got Peter a griddle, which he's been begging for, and he got me a whole set of new stainless steel pots and pans!

After all of the unwrapping, Dada sends us on our traditional scavenger hunt around the house to find clues and finally our "big present". This was the first year I knew what it was. We splurged and got the whole family a YMCA membership. We are very excited to use this, and hopefully it works out for us. It's been very confusing so far!

Our family pic with our matching jammies.

Uncle Chris and, as Jasper says, "Uncle Tonya" and cousins come over for lunch/dinner and we all open more gifts, eat Dada's delicious turkey dinner and play with our new toys.

One more picture. That's all.


Peter said...

Thanks for all the credit, babe. It helps explain why I look like the ghost of Christmas future in all the pictures.

Cathi Tague said...

But something is missing from your Christmas! A picture of your computer with Poppie, Nonnie, Buggy, Dodie and Mimi on the screen. Maybe we'll make it on your blog next year. It's such a fun way to feel connected. Love, Nonnie

Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

THat last picture of the four kids is a really good one!

DennisFamily said...

HI Johnson Family! It's Hannah's Mom (Leah). Peter so graciously gave me your blog address so I could share the adorable photo of our two kids with my husband. As I read, I fell in love with how fun your family is, and before I realized it I read through almost all of your blogs! Now I know who to go to when my creativity-challenged mind hinders me! You have an amazing family. It is so wonderful to see Jesus' light shining through all of you. See you Sunday!