Thursday, May 20, 2010


The last few weeks have been "nesting" time for us. Priority for me was to get furniture! Peter was done with our flowered couches and ready for something different, plus, they were starting to deteriorate rapidly. So we sold them in one day with no new furniture plans. We went a couple of weeks sitting on lawn chairs and then I, highly pregnant, was ready for something soft to sit on. We found these:

Peter got the big daddy leather recliner he's always wanted, I got a cute paisley mama chair and we actually made $100 selling our couches and buying new ones!

Peter built a huge chicken coop for our now large birds. It's two levels, one to nest and roost in and the bottom is covered with wire so they can scratch in the sand. The kids let them out every day and shepherd them back in the evening. They are great at it and love playing outside with them.

This is our new family vehicle! It's a bus! We got it on May 14th in Seattle and went to go see my sis who just moved up here from California. Our first stop in Pioneer Square in our brand new bus and we had a man try to get on and get a ride!

I've also been doing a ton of gardening! I love it! My latest project is clearing our all the ivy between our house and the lake. It's a ton of ivy! Hopefully one day we can plant a vegetable garden there.

Also, I haven't shown any pictures of our beautiful cement counter top, which my magnificent hubby made himself! It's been a really long process, but soooo worth it! They are perfect! Recently he's been working on putting the slate backsplash in, so it's finally looking finished in our kitchen!

We also got the nine month sibling/belly picture taken! My photographer sister Shmee came down from Seattle, where she now resides, and somehow got all the kids to smile. Hurray!


Tiffany Nevil said...

I think the bus needs an applique of some sort with a name. Kinda like what you do with a boat. Can we bust a bottle of champagne on it and take it out for a maiden voyage? He he he he stuff guys! Congrats and where is the baby post?! Berg is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your site while investigating kitchen backsplash tiling -?! Your photo was included among tile pics. You have a gorgeous family. We have four beautiful girls. Although we don't need it, I'm sure they'd love the family vehicle to be a bus!