Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jasper's Jetski Party!

Our Baby Thumbkin turned 4! He's been asking for a jet ski party for years and we'd put it off. September gets cold for swimming. But we gave in, knowing it's his favorite thing ever and our great friends actually showed up (with swim suits) to celebrate in the rain! He loved it!

Here's Bubba riding with Mr. Jon, Alyssa and Eben.

Tarp City:

We roasted hot dogs, had some yummy beans Miss Marie made, fruit from Grandma and drank hot cocoa to keep warm. The bon fire was almost too hot so stand next to. Dada's roasting a hot dog and his face off.

The Nevil family making their dinner.

Jasper blowing out the candles on "the dock" of his jetski cake:
We love you so much Jasper! You're such a bundle of fun, energy and rough cuddling. You love to share with your brothers and sisters and we always see you thinking of others and what they would want. We pray that you would live your life with this much enthusiasm every day, and show others God's love through your joy and care for them.

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