Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Garage Addition

Poppie returned to stay with us and build an addition onto the mother in law for he and Nonnie to stay in while they visit. They feel bad about having all the kiddos stay in one room together while they sleep in the girls room even though the kids love it. 
Everyday he got so much done it was amazing! The day before Jasper's party we dug out/chopped down/transplanted all of the plants in Kivi's garden to make room for the addition. He got the posts cemented and other stuff I don't even know, like killing a wasp nest in the walls and putting in structural beams. It went up lightening fast! So this is about what it looked like at Jasper's party the day before: 
September 16th

September 18th - The second story goes up!

The kids wanted to dance and pretend to be rock stars on the "stage" everyday, but it was pretty unsafe with all those tools up there, so one night we cleared them all off and let them give us a rock band performance. All inspired from one of Jasper's presents: a paper air guitar.

September 24th The boys help Poppie and Dada by putting together the shelf units we bought at Ikea!

September 28th - The doors from a recycled materials place go up.

Yeah Poppie! After he left Peter kept working and got the whole railing up, the door and electricity finished for the upper deck, the doors painted and another door for the shed part put in. It's not finished yet, but it looks great! Now we have to move all the stuff over there from inside the garage!


Momacita said...

What a talented dad you have! I can hardly wait to see it. Hopefully we can work on it some more while we are there for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to our visit.

Tiffany Nevil said...

WOW! You guys are so amazing! Seriously beautiful. :D