Saturday, April 27, 2013

Easter 2013

Dada woke us all up early so we could go to our church's 8:oo am service, a big feat for our family of many little people! We did it! We got to church on time, worshipped our Risen Lord,  had a lovely Easter service with all of us in the pew and came back ready to have more fun. First thing we had to do - pictures! I think this was only the second year we actually took the Easter basket picture on Easter day. The other one was when we only had Eben. It was sunny and beautiful and no one was having melt downs (that came later, but only for a short while). So I took tons of pictures trying to get them all to smile, the trick was to take the chicks out of the basket. (You can see them sitting on the rim.) They freaked out Berg. Then, we did our big family basket hunt. They found the first picture clue in a basket of eggs. 

Here are all the clue pictures they had to find. Do you know where all of these things are at our house? 

The third one down on the left stumped them, it is the base of Berg's bird bath in his garden. They were in the right area, they just couldn't find it even though it's as big as Berg.

They did great helping each other. They only hard part is to not run ahead of the little guys and get to the clue before everyone gets there. So we took turns and everyone got two turns to find a clue.

They finally found the basket in their "Secret Corner of Awesomeness"!

Eben and Jasper got a Mario Kart race track, which they were very excited about. Kivi got a guitar strap and socks, Opal got a journal and they both got a play food set. Berg got a cool Lighting McQueen iPad racer.

In the background you can see the garden boxes my sweet hubby built and put in for me the day before!!

Then Dada had to kiss Mama and the kids goodbye and go to work. But Grandma and Grandpa stayed and played with us for a while until we headed over to the Schocks for more egg hunts, food and fun.
 (Bonus: I didn't even buy Easter dresses this year! We used dresses we had! I did buy shirts for the boys, but two were at Goodwill and two were at Walmart, so we still saved a ton and I didn't stress about it.
These are the things I worry about. Sad, I know.)

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Momacita said...

I love the photo clue scavenger hunt that you do with the kids. Very clever and very fun! What a cute picture of the kids down by the lake, with Eben and Kivi in "thinking mode" trying to solve the clues.