Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Purposeful Christmas Tree

After I wrapped the lights, garland and ribbon around the tree, the kids took over the decorating. They can do everything else now because they're tall enough to reach the top on chairs and nothing on our tree is breakable!
They did a beautiful job! Once our tree was all decked out I explained that this year everything we do at Christmas time was going to have a purpose and meaning, including our tree. We put a lot of effort into getting a tree, decorating it and turning on the lights each morning. It seems like we make such a big deal about the tree that it should have a purpose and special meaning that relates to Christ too. I asked the kids why they thought we had the decorations on our tree that we did and on their own (except for the pinecones) they came up with a symbolic meaning for each one. 

The tree itself is wood so it reminds us that Jesus came into the world humbly, laid in a manger and then later died for our sin and pride on a cross.
The lights are because Jesus tells us to be the light of the world and let your light shine before men.
The red ribbon reminds us of the blood He shed for us. 
The icicles are symbolic of the nails that pierced His hands and feet for us.
The fruit all over our tree represents the fruit of the spirit. Apples, pears, peaches, cranberries, currants, raspberries are all we have so far, so we still need three more types I guess.
The raffia bows represent the straw in the manger.
The pinecones represent our spiritual walk. As we mature in Christ we become more like Him, our lives are open and our fruit is easy for others to see.

The star represents the star of Bethlehem that led the wisemen to worship Jesus and bring Him gifts, which we put under our tree! 
Each year a different child gets to put on the star. This year was Berg's turn!

We actually didn't pick these decorations for their spiritual symbolism, I just liked they way it all looked together, but now we love it even more because everything we put on our tree reminds us of Christ!

After we discussed our tree we got out What God Wants for Christmas and we all sang the songs, took turns opening the little boxes and put the pieces in the stable, while Eben and Kivi danced in the background.

Sweet girl worshipping our Lord with carols.

Pella holds baby Jesus while sucking her thumb. She calls Him "Baby King".

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I love this! Great idea Abby!