Thursday, June 19, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

On Easter Sunday we got dressed in our matching wedding clothes (because why not use them again while they still fit us all!) and we headed off to church to worship our Risen King!

After service we came back to our house for a quick family basket hunt and present opening. This picture also shows how we've cut down the huge raccoon infested, ivy covered, almost dead cherry tree and all the growth on the slope which makes the backyard seem much bigger. We also moved the bee hive away from the trash cans and they have their own little bee garden now.

After the kids found the basket, we changed clothes and headed over to Aunty Tonya's for a delicious dinner prepared by head chef Uncle Chris. Since we weren't able to have our glow in the dark, night egg hunt this year because of rain, we had a lot of eggs to hide. Grandma and Grandpa brought some for an egg hunt too. So we had two egg hunts one inside the house and the kids had to go upstairs and find one egg and come all the way back down and put it in their bag before they were able to find another one.

Then we took the kids on a walk down to the park for the second egg hunt. We played on the playground while Dada hid the eggs.
On the walk back we had fun posing with murals:

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