Saturday, October 18, 2014

House Guests

The of August was filled with house guests! Utilizing every space of a two bedroom house that already has 8 occupants is very necessary! We put all the kids into the boys room which already has 5 beds, a triple bunk and a bunk bed. We brought in a cot so all the kids had a bed! Although, they are very accustomed to sleeping on the floor if they need to. That frees up the girls room room for guests. In this instance Poppie, Nonnie and Mimi were visiting and slept in there. It has 2 sets of bunk beds. Then Buggy, Kirk and their two friends Tanner and Briley joined us! We pulled out the air mattress, used the couch and sweet Tanner slept on the floor on a camping mat. This is the only picture we got of Buggy and Kirk up here in Washington!

While Poppie was up he helped Peter with our new roof on the shed project. There's lots of new storage in there, which we desperately need!

All the kids helped too by climbing up the ladder and standing on the newly finished roof. Well, not Pella, she just stood on a ladder.

A couple days later Buggy, Kirk and friends left and friends from college, the Sharps, came and visited with their little baby girl, that all of our kids loved! Our tenants actually moved out of our mother in law the day before they came and Mimi and Nonnie worked really hard to clean it up for us so our friends could sleep up their instead of the crowded little house! However we did manage to break Megan's nose while giving her a tube ride.

She didn't hold it against us though and made us an excellent Italian dinner!

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