Thursday, May 28, 2015

Easter 2015

Our Easter was...different.  We had all of our Holy Week and Easter things packed up so no decorations this year or amazing Holy Week like we've done in the past. On Passover, Kivi made a seder lunch because she didn't want to miss it, and we read through the Haggadah as each person ate from their own seder plate. It was very informal and Dada was at work. On Resurrection Sunday, Dada was sick. He stayed in bed and we tried to be quiet for him and let him sleep. I made the kids a yummy quiche breakfast then they got on their Easter Sunday clothes, which we thought would double for my sis's wedding in June, but plans changed, so good thing we used them for Easter!

I let them all watch a Veggie Tales Easter movie and then we took some basket photos.

Last year we had no basket, it was lost. But we found it again up by the mother-in-law. It had been outside for a year. When we found it, it was completely covered in ivy. The poor handle broke off and it's pretty moldy looking, but hey, it's back!

Tuffy's first Easter picture and he's even smiling a little.

I had made the kids a photo scavenger hunt to find their basket (actually it was 2 baskets, one was from Mimi!). Here were the clues they had to find:

 They took turns going all around finding the clues. They do so well working as a team and going slow for the little ones. The clues led them to the shed where the baskets were hiding.

We took them inside to open them up where it would be warmer. It was nice and sunny, but still a bit chilly. The boys got Duplos and the girls got plaster figurines to paint and nail polishes.

While the kids were opening their baskets Uncle Kookie came for a quick visit as he was on his way to Seattle for a class.

We actually had to leave him there at our house so we could make it to Easter service, which Peter woke up just in time to make it to although, he didn't make it through the service. He ended up going to sleep in the van.

We did end up getting a family photo! Then we put Dada to bed and went to Auntie Tonya's house for an Easter lunch and egg hunt at the park with cousins. And we took a cousin caterpillar picture:

 Afterwards, we headed over to the Schock's house to play with our other "cousins" (Grace, Nathaniel and Megan) and have some dinner. It was fun, but I missed my baby. Everything's better with Peter.

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