Monday, March 28, 2016

Christmas Tree Hunt 2016

On November 28th we headed out to the Family Farm with Nonnie, Poppie, Mimi, Uncle Cheese and Dodie to pick out our Christmas tree! We've been going to this farm for a couple years now and love how you pay by donation and the money goes to help feed third world countries. Plus, they have a cute cow barn with cows to feed and an amazing slide which you have to climb the hay bales to get to.

We were going to meet up with some families, but filled up the wagon just about with our family alone, so we headed out to the tree fields and met up with friends when they got there later.

The tree hunt picture was a lovely family picture!

The tree hunt was on! The kids took off in different directions all searching for the perfect tree. Some Berg and Pella chose very tiny trees and Jasper picked a huge one. We marked our perfect tree with our hats.

Some cute kids we found among the trees.

All the kids helped Dada chop it down and we took a picture with our tree. Then we rode the wagon back got some hot cocoa and treats, said hello to our friends and then headed home for Pella's birthday party!

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