Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 Family Christmas Pageant!

Peter and I have been putting on this family pageant at LC3 for a couple of years now! Peter came up with the idea when we went to Rainier View Christian Church, but they didn't really see it fitting in with their vision of where they wanted to head. So when we started going to Lake City, we pitched the idea to Miss Niki, who said, "Yes! Let's make it happen!" and about two weeks later we had our first Family Christmas Pageant. It's a simple reading of Luke Chapter 2 by any kids who want to read interspersed with songs sung by everyone while all kids who want to participate put on a costumeof their choice and join Joseph and Mary (who are chosen by lot minutes prior to starting) on stage. We love it because it takes practices and little prep work. And now we even have our 4-6th grade student serve team help out with clean up and they have their Christmas party afterward! This year Eben chose to be a camel, Kivi, Jasper and Berg were shepherds, Opal was a wiseman, Pella was an angel and Tuff made a brief appearance on stage as a sheep. Mama directs all the kids and Dada leads the singing. We end the night with candlelight Silent Night and cookies and cocoa. It's simple and precious and really makes you think about all that was going on during Christ's real birth, the busyness of Bethlehem, noisy animals, distractions and amidst it all a perfect Savior, just waiting for us to notice Him, come to Him and adore Him.

I love this picture that Dodie took this year!

Steve and Dodie and Peter's whole family came to the pageant this year!

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