Sunday, March 12, 2017

Pella & Tuff's Elephant Birthday!

Since Tuff's Birthday is on the 21st and Pella's is on the 23rd of November and they both love elephants, we decided to do a joint party this year to celebrate the 2 and 5 year olds.
I found these cute watercolor elephants hugging trunks and thought they perfectly represented a blue little Tuff elephant and a purple Pella elephant, so they were the elephant inspiration for our party.

Dinner was Asian elephant themed because Dada spoiled us and got tons of Panda Express!

Everyone loves Panda Express! Good choice, Pella!

Now that we're all stuffed on Chinese food, we're ready to play some elephant games!

First, we played a "get your Slinky trunk to stay on your head" game. Then we headed down stairs to the basement. We love our friends! They are such good sports! The dads/big brothers had to wear elephant ears and a trunk and carry their little person all the way down the hallway to the basement where they performed an elephant act while carrying their little rider on their back.
Whoever kept their trunk and ears on the longest got a prize. But the winners were big brothers Judah and Nathaniel who kept them on the whole night, not dads.  Then all the kids turned into elephants and had to crawl around to find large peanuts. Tuff decided to feed his to Baby Esther.
Then we came back upstairs and each family created an elephant out of the same ingredients, which everyone had to use in their sculpture. The Myrhberg family won that one. (top, middle)
Then we sang, "Happy Birthday" to Pella and then to Tuff, had some cake and opened some presents! It was a fun, loud, busy night and at the end Tuff entertained us all with some of his famous air guitar.

Oh our big, bouncy, full of life and spunk and everything else little man. You are quickly becoming your own person with your own thoughts and personality. You either love things or hate them. You are learning to obey, but usually it takes some correction. The time out stairs are becoming a common occurrence in your life. You might have to learn the hard way sometimes, but you keep us in a state of laughter all the time! You are a walking comedy show. You love to perform and know when everyone is watching. You dance, sing, play guitar, love to knock stuff down, flash your pouty lips at anyone and kiss your Bobbie Co. and all the nursery babies. This has been a fun year to watch you grow and learn and talk! You love to communicate even if we can't understand everything yet. You are loud! You love your brothers and sisters and they love you immensely. God loves you too, Tuff! You are a going to be a bright light in this dark world for Him one day!
We love you, Tuffy! Happy Two!

Pella. Pelly Lou La. Pelly Lelly. You are such a sweetie pie!!! You light up our lives! We love having you in our family! You are loving and caring and help out with a happy heart. You are learning to read like a champ and are boogying through your phonics! You seem so big and can do so many things I forget you're still one of our littles, but then you can't unbuckle yourself from your car seat and then we remember. You love horses, playing with Tuff, painting, talking (in your cute grown up way), Cubbies and helping Mama in the kitchen with your stool or playing with the little toy one. You love your babies and take such great care of them. Dolls and brothers. You know God and how much He loves you. You once told me, "Don't worry, Mama. God will take care of everything. Whatever happens it's okay." when my bunny ran away. You are a wise little Lou and I'm grateful for you.
We love you, Pella. Happy 5th Birthday, Baby Girl!

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