Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Seaside Thanksgiving!

Nov. 22 - 26th we went to Seaside, OR to bring back our Thanksgiving tradition of going somewhere fun! We used to go to a hotel and then we had Pella and then Tuff hours before Thanksgiving so we stopped that plan, but we brought it back! Flint was a November baby, but not a Thanksgiving baby!

Peter found a house for us to rent with a beautiful ocean view, right across from the water.
Peter and Pella had a Dada/Daughter clamming in the rain time on her birthday (they didn't find any), then they came back and both cooked the turkey! We had a lovely birthday/Thanksgiving meal, days of playing, movie watching, Switch time, our traditional Goodwill trip, ice cream treats, walks, more clamming (we found 3 - enough for Dada to make chowder!), finding a shipwreck and swimming at the community center!

Also, the couch at this house was amazing! It actually was the impetus to replacing our couches at home and getting a mega couch that would fit us all.

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