Friday, December 21, 2018

September 2018!

Sept. 3rd - Peter's 40th Lawn Games Party! - Clad in all white, charcuterie, wine, pickleball, cornhole, croquet, bocce, frisbrew, Korean BBQ, good friends, competition. We lost, but still had an amazing time celebrating Peter in style!
Sept. 6th - Berg get's ninja napped because it's his 8th year!
Swiggy loving the trampoline.
Sept. 7th - Celebrating Mark and Erik Fondue Style
Sept. 8th - We found the Natural Lionhead Waterslides!! Dada hit his head hard on his first run down, so we all learned how to not do it. They were cold, fast and we had them to ourselves for about 10 minutes.
Sept. 9th - Silverwood! Nonnie and Poppie came to Idaho with us this year. The big kids rode the big rides and the little ones stayed in little land. Tuff tried to get the nerve up to ride anything and finally did it. Pella who rode her first huge coaster, was scared to death at first and then ended up loving it. We ended the day with a train ride and chess.
Sept. 13th - Swiggy digs a hole.
Sept. 15th - Kivi runs for "Johnson Christian Acadamy" in the Fort Steilacoom Invitational. (After training all summer with Lakes H.S. and then being told she can't go to that H.S. because it's not our district.) Then she ran it again (illegally) in the Sophomore division and placed 9th. 
Sept. 19th - First day of school pics!
The district let Kivi waiver in to Lakes so she could run on the Cross Country team! She just had to take a class. She chose Intro to Medical Careers.
Sept. 22nd - Free Museum Day! We chose Fort Nisqually with friends and family.
Sept. 23rd - Kivi, Jasper and Joeli attend their own SCUBA class.
Sept. 24th - Eben's first day at Pierce College! He took Spanish, College Success,
CPR and Pre-Calculus. He biked every day on his gas-powered bike, until Dada got an electric bike. Then he got to school much faster.
Sept. 26th - So many flowers! The middles made bouquets. 
Sept. 29th - Jasper's 12th Birthday! He chose a Cave Party. Dada took Jasper and his friends to the Ape Caves to explore, then to McMenamin's for lunch and a movie and headed back to our place for cake.
We love you, Jasper, and your fun, happy personality! You are so friendly, upbeat, and smiling. You bring joy to many. You always have a song, dance or rhythm in your head and it usually spills out of you. You are very helpful around the house, a thorough cleaner, and great lawn mower. You are moving up in the chain of command around here as your older siblings are gone more and leaving you in charge. You love gymnastics, all church activities and your odd shows that only you like. You are very inclusive, a great wakeboarder, master Lego creator and great fort builder for the littles. You are so encouraging even though you can be very loud at times (still). We love how you encourage others and make others feel loved! Happy 12th, Jasper!

Kivi ran in a race with Judah and stayed overnight at Sun Fair, her first Lakes race and she made varsity!
Sept. 30th - We find out at a Johnson family dinner that Marlee and Tim are expecting!


Tiffany Nevil said...

ABBY! I just wanted to tell you I stopped by to see all the fun our friends are up to these days. Love the pics of your giant children! Much love to you old friends!
Tiffany Nevil

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