Friday, March 27, 2020

The Rest of May 2019!

Dada went on his yearly Lodge Boys Reunion this time to Park City, Utah to hang out with his college house-mates conquering an escape room, playing at an Olympics training facility, like sliding down an enormous ski training hill that's not used in the summer, and scootering around.

Mama finished her pond with the boys help. 

Sadly, none of my young seedlings made it through my Jerusalem journey. The greenhouse got too hot and I was not there to take them out. But the boys still help me in the garden all the time.

At a family dinner, the uncles fought the kids with water guns, but then were super helpful in helping me dig out my giant boulders where I want to put a fire pit!

The little boys were very helpful too! With the little rocks!

Coaly gets potty trained!

Swiggy makes a mud pie.

Lots of bike rides and walks around Fort Steilacoom. Also, Kivi and Eben are doing the Bible App and they create cute verse pictures.

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