Sunday, June 14, 2020

September 2019!

Sept. 2nd - Eben really wanted to go to PAX with a couple friends for his 16th a month early.
Sept. 5th - Boys
Sept. 8th - Illi's Puppy Birthday
Sept. 9th - NW Trek
Sept. 10th - Zoo w/ Poppie and Nonnie
Jasper Photo Shoot for his Man Ceremony
Sept. 13th - Drive to Idaho, stop to see Karl
Sept. 14th - Silverwood!!!
Sept. 15th - The Hiawatha Bike Trail w/ all except O and T. Dinner date trying Rocky Mt. Oysters!
Sept. 16th - Coeur d'Alene  bike rides and gardens on the way home

Sept. 20th - Explosion Day at Co-op and Jasper's Actual Birthday
Sept. 21st - Grandpa time, pioneer girls and Kivi heads off to D.C. with Nonnie!!
Sept. 25th - Siblings! J helped O with her first big school project and designed a foldable bridge.
Sept. 28th - Dada makes seafoam!!
Sept. 29th - (Kivi and Nonnie get back from D.C. ) Jasper's Man Ceremony!!
One more swing dance
Sept. 30th - Swiggy gets his Build a Bear from Nonnie - JJ Bear

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