Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Daffodil Parade - I Did It All By Myself!

Me and all the kiddos at the parade! We had to walk sooo far to get there. I think it took longer to find a parking spot than to see the parade. But it was worth it they all had a fun time!

Jasper, Eben, Hannah, and Kivi with their daffodils (they say they're from the princesses).

Eben and Bubba in awe of the clowns.

Hannah doing her princess wave.

Bubba ate his daffodil.

The highlights of the parade for the kids:
Daffodils from the princesses.
Stickers from the pirates.
Candy from the cheerleaders.
A horse came right up to Bubba to say, "Hi".

Downside of the parade for Mama:
Had to park a mile away and put all four of them on the stroller.
Forgot sunscreen. It was HOT!
Didn't pack enough fruit snacks- for me.
Had to have Kivi pee in the street. - Oh yeah, kids have to go potty.
Got lost getting home. I don't know Puyallup.

But somehow the pros still outweighed the cons. Go figure.


Mashel said...

Good job taking all of them to the Parade. I know you were helping Shari in the morning so you couldn't do the Tacoma one, but from experiece, you don't have to park so far away, because you can just take the train-thing. (and the strollers fit) Maybe next year we can take all 8 kids together! Wow, between the two of us we have 8 kids! Crazy! Great pictures!

Tiffany Nevil said...

you go girl!

John / Debby Laurie said...

HI Mommy Johnson!
Gosh, if Motherhood ever fit a particular woman, Amber, it has to be you. What a spectacular time of your life. Thanks for posting thoughts and photo's. Nice to keep us with your growing, beautiful family.
Hugs, Debby & John

Anonymous said...

Go super mama!
I love you!