Friday, May 30, 2008

The Easters Come To Visit!

The Easters and the Johnsons on our deck.

Bubba eating the marshmallow part of his smore.

Lots of kids!

Kim with Garrett and Pete with Paysen making smores on the beach.

Kivi and Paysen "fishing" with noodles.

The paddle boat ride!

We had so much fun with our friends Pete and Kim and their boys. They stayed in the mother in law for a couple days on their rode trip from Arizona and we mainly stayed here and played in the sun. (Okay, so this happened in April, but I'm trying.)


Mashel said...

Good job Abby, I love the post, it looks good, and it is better late then never.

Anonymous said...

It seems like no matter how many hours our kids spend fishing with those noodles, they never seem to catch anything. Maybe it's the bait? Or the lack of hooks and fishing line?
It was good to see Kim and Dr Pete.

Anonymous said...

Hello Johnson's I was just enjoying the family pictures Your children are so precious.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
Aunt Jan