Friday, February 27, 2009

First Time In Long Beach!

Feb. 15th 2009 - Long Beach + Mashel's new camera = more than 500 pictures!
These are my favorites:
Kivi's kitty boots.

Just outside of Marsh's museum there's this big bell. The kids all stuck their head up inside of it and then peeked out at the same time. They were so cute!

Bubba's looking down, but it's still my favorite picture of my boys.

All the kiddos watching Peter, Al and I go cart race. 
Guess who won? That's right - girls rule!

Cutie Opes tries eating sand.

Also the ones of Peter and I, and Kivi on the sidebar are from this trip too.

Thank you Halls for sharing your Long Beach with us!


Mashel said...

Thanks for joining us! It was so much fun! (and so was taking so many pictures with the new camera!) It was hard to choose which pictures to post isn't it? There are so many good ones. That is why I haven't posted on it yet:) I had fun being your personal family photographer for the day! I love the kissy one that you used on your sidebar, and your family picture too! It's exciting to see the pictures I took on someone elses blog!It means you really like them!:) I love it! It makes me feel professional or something! Ok, so you took some of them too, but you know what I mean. We are so glad that you guys came down there with us!

Arnette said...

Hi -- Soooo good to "see" you with your beautiful family -- the pics are adorable. Of course Grandma Cathi fills me in from time to time, but this is even better. It makes me realize how much I miss you and how dear you are. Hugs all around xxxooo Arnette