Friday, February 27, 2009

Let's Go Skiing Again!

These are the words that Eben and Kivi kept saying over and over since we went last. So... why not!  We packed up the kids and went back over to Snoqualmie with Grandma and Grandpa this time.  We took Jasper and Emma with us too!  Kivi and Eben did great skiing and Emma rocked the snowboard. Then the last hour we were there Peter tried Eben out on the little snowboard and he just did it! He made it all the way to the bottom of the little slope without falling! For anyone whose ever tried snowboarding before, you know this is amazing, as you usually spend the whole first two days falling on your bum. I think he might have fallen once, the whole time on the snowboard - it was crazy!

Kivi on her skiis!

This was the extent of Bubba's snowboarding, he didn't really care for it.

Emma and Eben - the snowboarders!

And here's a look at Emma and Eben snowboarding together. 


Jessy said...

Looks like the Johnsons had an exciting February! :) Great videos! But, who's Emma?

Anonymous said...

That's some great cinematography! Who does your camera work? Good blogging, babe.