Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kivi's Special (Helper Rocket) Day

I earned 10 special helper rockets so that I could go to the Seattle Science Center. We took a bus ride all the way to the sidewalk and then we walked to a hot cocoa shop and got hot cocoa. We kept on walking and got to a big sidewalk in the city. We went and looked at flowers and looked at a flying pig and sea horse, puff up fish and an octopus. I stood on a big whale. Then I found out the Seattle Science Center was closed. Dada told me that we were going to go keep walking. And Dada took me to the Children's Museum and we got some breakfast. And I played at the Children's Museum for a while. My favorite part was looking into the rocks and seeing what was inside. Then we went to the bathroom. And then we went and Dada took a picture of me on a big tube. And I did a little dance on a stage.

This is me sipping some orange juice on a bridge. We got soaking wet when we walked through the waterfall.

This is me in a log.

This is me painting a picture. I liked dipping the brush in the jars and looking at my picture.

This is my picture of Dada going down the slide.

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Tiffany Nevil said...

Way to go Kivi girl! What a great big helper you are to the family. Mommy needs to share with everyone how the "Helper Rockets" help out the family so that we can all see how much of a genius she is! And your Dada is silly.