Thursday, April 15, 2010

All Our Chicks

So true to our word, the day after Easter, we all loaded up and headed out to Roy, to let the kids pick out their Easter chicks. We met Farmer Mark at his cute country home and he led us to the barn where the chickens lived. After he gave us a tour of the hen house and "Super Hatcher" (seen below) he let all of us pick out our own baby chick, then he asked each of us what it's name was and everyone got a picture with their chick. It was such a fun experience and Farmer Mark was so patient with all of us.

All of us in front of the barn with our box of baby chicks. Here's our chicky run down:
Dada's is Patty the oldest, an Ameraucana. Mama's is the next oldest, Puff, a Barred Rock. Then Eben's, Tiny, we think a Rhode Island Red. Opal's is an Ameraucana she named Doody. Kivi's, Suzy, is an Ameraucana, and so is James', which will be Baby Oly's, Nugget. Jasper's is a Barred Rock he named Peep.

Right now we are keeping them in the upstairs fireplace - it's perfect! The kids love to take them out and hold them, which is great for friendlier chickens later on. But we go through a lot more soap. And lately since the weather is nice we've taken them outside a lot. At first I was so scared they'd run off, but they are so cute and stay together in a little clump around the yard the whole time.

Eben loves to hold all of them at the same time.

And Kivi is the keeper of the chickens. She helps bring them to him, and keeps them where they need to be.

Here's Opal with Doody. I think it's hilarious. I asked her to smile and she made this face - what is that?

And here's all my little Easter chickies in the basket! It's almost time for a bigger one.

All our chickies with their chickies.

And in 2 days...BEES!


Julie said...

So jealous! :) I had plans to get chickens at our last house but this time we're stuck in a neighborhood that won't allow it.

Cathi Tague said...

What fun for the kids! They will never forget this experience. And when it's time for collecting the eggs, that is going to be such a highlight for them. I'm looking forward to meeting the little chicks when I come. Love, Nonnie

Tiffany Nevil said...

I thought Peter's chick was named "Chicken Patty"....he he he he he he They are super cute little guys! It'll be sad when they have to move out to the coop!