Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bee Day!!

The bees are here! On Saturday Peter took all the kids to Trees and Bees (while I was at the MOPS Summit) and picked up our "girls" (that's what bee people call them), all 7,000 of them. Peter said it felt kind of strange loading all the kids in the van with a box of buzzing bees. Here's what they looked like in their box:

We were planning on putting them in the hive that day, but when I got back, it was raining, so we had to wait until after church on Sunday to move them to their new home.

First, Dada helped the kids rub honey all over some of the frames, so the bees would like their new home.

Then after spraying them with sugar water (Eben's job) and jarring down the box so all the bees fall to the bottom, we got the queen's box out of the bee box and put it in the hive. Notice Peter has the Beekeeping For Dummies book in hand so we could read the process step by step.

Next, it was time to pour all the bees into the hive. As I was pouring them in, I felt wet drops on my hands and we realized Eben was still spraying the poor bees and me with sugar water. So many of them flew to my white suit, and it was a stickier process than it should've been, but it all worked out.

I look like a real beekeeper. Or at least a real first time beekeeper.

All our girls dispersing into their hive before I replaced the last frames. The ones on top are all surrounding the queen in her box, trying to get her out by eating away at a marshmallow that worked like a cork on her little cage.

Shari took this video and the pictures and she was so great, she got right in there, practically inside the hive.

Now we have a week to wait until we can peek at them again and see how our bees are doing in there. Last night Jasper asked, "Are you so excited about your bees Mama?" I said I was and he replied, "I am so excited too!" I hope our whole family will come to love these bees and appreciate their hard work. Thank you Honey Baby for my bees! (I know you already love them too!)


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Cathi Tague said...

All those bees with stingers makes me a little nervous. But I can imagine that your first discovery and taste of honey from your very own hive will be like finding a wonderful treasure. It will definitely be an adventure! Have fun and be careful! Love, Nonnie

Tiffany Nevil said...

WHOA! That is so cool! So,...where did you put the hive?

Deb said...

Super fun- but a death trap for Scott- highly allergic :( Can't wait to hear of the bee keeping adventures!