Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Things

New things are happening here at the Johnson home.
Eben and Kivi have both learned to ride a 2-wheeler! Well, Eben learned about 2 years ago and then took a sabbatical until now. And Kivi decided she was done with training wheels and wanted to ride on her own after learning that once you can start and stop by yourself you get to trick out your ride with a bell, basket and cool handle bar ribbon thingys. They love to race up and down the driveway now that we've figured out a no crashing system and removed the huge bush that was causing most of the crashing into each other. We got a lot of videos of them riding, but no still shots, I'll have to get some. For now, here's Bubba and his scooter riding helmet that he wore for a couple days straight - everywhere...

like to the Seattle Science Center! Nonnie took us while she was here helping with Berg. Actually, she was helping with all the rest of them which was a huge help! The kids loved it and we didn't even get to see the whole museum. But that's ok because Nonnie got us a membership - since it is now actually more affordable to buy our family a year long membership instead of a day pass.

Tummy time is a new thing for Berg - and the kids are all enthralled with it too! He's like a little magnet as soon as I lay him down on the floor they all flock to him.

Eben's learning to help out more and more around the house! Although he is definitely a boy (crazy) and does boy (weird) things, he's also learning to be a great little man. On June 3rd Dada taught him how to mow the lawn and he did a wonderful job!

Eben also lost his two bottom teeth on June 12 and 14! He thought the Tooth Fairy didn't come because he didn't have any money under his pillow and his tooth was still there when he woke up - but when he looked later in the day - low and behold - the crazy Tooth Fairy had come! She must be invisible and overworked.


Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

We were "overworked" as tooth fairies a few times with our foster kiddos, too. we actually told him that the tooth fairy doesn't come to the same house two nights in a row, after he lost a tooth two days in a row!

Anonymous said...

BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! That crazy tooth fairy. I love how much each of your children adore all subsequent new children. What a welcome into the world and oh to be so loved and adored!