Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Sweet Pea Faerie Turns 5!

Our little Kivi girl decided to have a Woodland Faerie Party for her 5th birthday. We celebrated it on the 9th of July - a rather hot day for us.

It was so hot that we had to start the party off by making Faerie Punch and concoction of pink lemonade, club soda, sherbet and the secret faerie ingredient: Pop Rocks - to cool us off.
Then we made flower and leaf crowns for to adorn the faerie's heads. For dinner we ate faerie wing pasta with pixie dust cheese, faerie wand bread sticks and faerie fruit and salad.

Next all the faeries picked out their special pouch which Buggy and I sewed the night before from the faerie pouch tree.

They had to find the hidden bottles of pixie dust and fill up their pouches. Buggy and Kivi were faerie partners.

We all sang to the birthday girl and she blew the candles out on one of the little faerie cakes.

All of Kivi's faerie friends.

The kids spent the rest of the time sprinkling the glitter, I mean faerie dust, on everything! Faerie dust continues to trickle into the house, on chairs, in beds, on clothes... and reminds us of the Sweet Pea Faerie!

We love you Kivi Pea! Happy 5th Birthday very sweet girl. You continue to make us proud of your gentle, kind spirit, your joy and concern for others and your love for our Lord!


The Tulloss Family said...

Your family does such a great job with birthdays. I'm sure your kids will have some wonderful memories!

Cathi Tague said...

I'm so glad that we could be there for Kivi's birthday party - it was magical. You are so creative!
And it was so special that we could be there for Berg's baby dedication - our first one to attend.
We enjoyed our time with you and the kids.

Tiffany Nevil said...

what a fun idea! everything looks so cute and look at Kivi's long hair!