Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fourth of July - It Happened!

So as I mentioned previously, I decided to take all the ivy out of a large portion of our backyard, to grow a garden. Little did I know that all this ivy was holding up a 80 year old wall. Needless to say, the wall fell down. And since it was during the crazy spring/beginning of summer rainy time we had this year, we had to fix it before dirt went spilling down everywhere and into the lake. So, feeling overwhelmed, we decided to not have the 4th of July party. However, once it got close to the 4th we were saddened by the fact that all of our friends would not be around to celebrate with. So with a couple of days till the big event - we put out an invitation. Amazingly with such little notice - people came! Yeah! My family came up from CA on the 3rd of July so they were all here for our Independence Day too!

The boys and Kivi lighting off Roman candles on the dock.

View from the dock. You can see the lovely wall that Peter built to the left of the stairs.

Buggy and her nieces enjoying the traditional s'mores and root beer floats.

Eben and Hayden got to light off the big fireworks that Tammy brought.

We waited a little too long to take the family pic. Oh well, at least we got it!

And right here will be the 2010 Sparkler Picture, which I'm waiting to get from Mashel!

It was a fun, busy day. Colder than years past, the dads didn't even go in the water - but it didn't stop the kids. Lots to eat, friends to see, and fun fireworks to watch. God bless America!

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Tiffany Nevil said...

YAY! 4th of July wouldn't be the same without a Johnson party. Jeremy and I even have said that if we end up moving we might have to fly into town just for the blessed annual event. What's life w/o the Johnson family as friends?