Friday, December 17, 2010

Week #2 in California

After and fun-filled week in CA by themselves, Peter, Berg and I joined Eben and Kivi. We had a blast seeing old friends and family that we've been far away from for 10 years now! We went to the zoo with Aunt Louise and Uncle Gene on Oct 8th.

That night we had a picnic dinner at the park with my extended family where Peter and I were married. It's in Dana Point, has a beautiful view of the ocean and lots of grass to run around on and it was very windy so Poppie got to fly his kite.

The next day Peter and I left for the main purpose we booked our trip - our college friend, B-Dog's, wedding. First we took a mini tour of our alma mater, Westmont - the cute little Christian college where Peter and I met. This is the bridge and exact position where Peter asked me on our first date - after I had followed clues all day on his scavenger hunt. He's still the most romantic man ever!

While we were in Santa Barbara, the kids got to go on a hot air balloon ride with Poppie, Nonnie, Mimi and Buggy!

The only picture I have of the most beautiful (and expensive) wedding I've ever seen!

The next day the kids got to go back to Dana Point, to a cool hands-on marine museum. They had so much fun looking through microscopes and even dissecting a squid!

On Monday, all the ladies of the family got to go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs - an amusement park type spa. It had mineral baths, Roman baths, natural hot springs, salt baths, hot and cold pools, a place where you slather on mud and let it bake, and a grotto where you rub lotion all over yourself and sit in a humid cave. My aunts and cousin even treated us to our own cabana! For a girl who doesn't like water - this was really fun!

Later that night, Peter and I got to spend time with my best friend from high school, Lindy, and her family for dinner. The kids had to sleep because they didn't know it - but the next day we were going to surprise them with the Happiest Place in California!

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Tiffany Nevil said...

I have never heard of a spa like that, but it sounds so fun!!!!! What a blast! Sad that is the only picture from such a fun wedding. You'll have to share with us soon.

Love you guys!