Thursday, January 27, 2011

Corn Maze!

Everyone knows Mama loves a good corn maze! Spooner Farms has the greatest corn maze. Every year they decorate the maze in a different theme, usually a movie. This year the theme was "Alice in Wonderland" - the new movie with Johnny Depp. So the kids didn't know what the huge jaberwocki made out tires was suppose to be, but they loved climbing all over it. We also love how everyone gets their own ticket that they get to punch it 6 times at the hidden mailboxes scattered throughout the maze. You have to find all six before you can find the exit, plus all the cool hidden scenes and I think getting really muddy is required too. After, the kids were rewarded with big light-up lollipops by the Spooner staff.

Boys racing the girls on the straw horses in the kid land before going through the maze.

One crowded cow.

One of the scenes in the maze. We stopped to have tea with the Mad Hatter.

The girls in their matching fall dresses leading Dada through the mud!

All of us on the couch in the middle of the maze. Next to it was the little table with the "Eat Me" treats and all around were doors you had to choose to go through to get the the rest of the maze. Yeah Corn Maze! I love October. I love Fall. I love that I finally get to post about it now that Peter put all the photos on the laptop!

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Tiffany Nevil said...

hurray!!!! glad to see you blogging too. we miss out on so much fun Johnson stuff now days!