Sunday, January 30, 2011

Helpers and honey

Our kids are great helpers. We ask them to do a lot to help the family and most of the time they chip in with a great attitude. Not for money, prizes or rewards, but because it's all of our responsibility to help out - and there's always something to be done. This fall, Jasper was so excited to help Dada outside with wood projects. He'd sit outside and watch him chop the wood and then wait for his turn to put it in the wheelbarrow or stack it in the pile. The boys are also great at getting the wood from outside and bringing it in for the fire.

After stacking many wheelbarrows full of wood, Jasper took Opal outside to admire his work and in his best big brother voice told her, "Hey Opal, wanna know who moved all this wood? Bubba Did! You know how? Cause God made Bubba so strong!"

And finally, all of our honey, jarred and looking pretty. It looks like a lot, but sadly, we're already out. Time to go buy honey at the store. Well, we did get pretty excited about giving it away this year as our Christmas presents.

The boys stacking more wood.

This year we had to buy our pumpkins! Sadly the Lakewood fire dept. was not able to get any free pumpkins for their harvest day, so we went to Safeway instead. The kids were still excited about getting to pick out their own pumpkins.
Dada's new fall craze: Making pretzels. Last year he was really into making bread. This still involves the kids kneading and rolling the dough, but also adds lots of salt, or cinnamon and sugar or mustard or my favorite - nacho cheese!


Cedar said...

We are loving the honey! Thanks. Seriously considering the roadtrip.

Tiffany Nevil said...

oh man! i'm super jealous! pretzels are the best! And the honey is sooo yummy. Thanks for sharing!