Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pella Firsts!

Pella has had many firsts in her little life already, like Thanksgiving before she even turned a day old and sleeping through the night (yep 7 uninterrupted hours totally counts) when she was just a few days old. But her first official bath (not counting the one she was born in) wasn't until she was 3 and a half weeks old. She just didn't get that dirty doing nothing. She hadn't even had a diaper blow out yet. She loved the water! Maybe she had fond memories of it from the last time she was in there.
After the bath, she had her first Opal back massage and loved it. She doesn't really look like it here, but she never cried and eventually fell asleep.
Getting sleepier.
Who can resist a good Opie rub? They make everyone smile. (First smile - that I've seen.)
That evening on Dec. 17th, she had her first Jasper and Pella only photo shoot. She's all ready to see her big brothers and sisters perform their Christmas pageant later that night.


Momacita said...

Pella Bella - what a beautiful baby girl! She looks so happy and content in the water. And you're right about Opal's backrubs. She has a magic touch for such a little girl, amazingly soothing and relaxing. Love that smiling picture of Pella. How precious! Can't wait to come visit in February. Love to all, Momacita

Tiffany Nevil said...

So I've clearly been absent from my computer! Look at all this fun Johnson family stuff from December! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels crazy busy. I don't have eight people in a two bedroom house mathematically I should feel at least 50% less busy. I dunno....

I'm sad for your jam attempt. Freeze it next year. It'll last better. (not the honey though)I made Orange Marmalade and gave it to family and I realized in the middle of the night that I forgot to tell them to keep it in the fridge or freezer...hmmmmmm...hope they just "guessed" that.

Merry Christmas Johnson Family and Happiest of New Years!