Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Opal's Jewelry Party!

For her 4th birthday party our little Opal wanted a Jewelry Party! We were going to have it at our house, but then realized it was going to be very squishy in our little home with all those people. Lake City let us use their super cool chapel room, it used to be the original sanctuary once upon a time. I'm so glad we thought to move it to the church because come February 10th, I was a mess! I had no energy to clean our house let alone host a party. I was so sick. But the party was already planned and Nonnie and Poppie were only here for one more day, so we went through with it. Good thing I had everything ready to go before hand! Opal decorated her store bought cake with jewelry and Ju Ju Bees herself!

When all of our friends arrived, Nonnie explained how to find jewels in the Opal Mine so they could buy a jewely box to paint and jewelry candy to eat.

The little kids went into the mine first and searched through the shredded paper to find their jewels.

Then everyone purchased and painted their jewelry/treasure boxes at the painting table.

Opal, of course, painted hers pink!

Thankfully, she had wanted pizza for dinner anyway, so I didn't even have to think of making anything. Except for the salad which my Momacita made - good thing they were here!

We all sang "Happy Birthday" to our Opie-O and after a couple of tries she blew out her candles.

Dada ran the whole party and kept everything going and everyone entertained, he's so wonderful! I did join in on the birthday song and traditional birthday kiss and group picture. Then I went right back to laying on my van seat in the back of the room.

Opal was so sweet, she kept coming over to me, stroking my hair and telling me that she loved me. I hate missing out on fun things, but I knew canceling the party at the last minute and trying to reschedule and having her wait longer would be even more of a pain. I'm glad she was so happy through the whole party and felt so special and even took time to come to my little corner to see me. (This was my view throughout the whole party.)
She opened her presents while everyone ate their cake and ice cream!

All of Opal's friends made her feel so loved and cherished! She received so many lovely gifts (I have no idea who gave her what!) and had such a fun time and she now has five times as much jewelry as she did before! She's a happy girl!

I don't know what happened, but our Opal is a different girl! She turned four and she decided it's time for a change. I praise God for her happy heart and obedience now!

Opal you are such a joy to have in our family! You've changed so much now that you're four. I know it's taken a lot of hard work to obey right away, have a happy heart and take care of your baby brother and sister - but you've been amazing! It's fun to watch you grow in loving others and see you chose to share and help out all on your own! You are a great reader (almost done with your Phonics level 1 book), print your letters so well, and are a super star with a spray bottle and rag cleaning the kitchen. You are so beautiful - with or without your jewelry. You are our little jewel, our Opal. We love you so much and can't wait to see what other changes and characteristics God brings about in you as you grow in Him! Happy Birthday, Opie! Love, Mama and Dada


Cedar said...

What a fantastic new header picture! So happy, cute and their eyes are all lovely! I was wondering if you'd go back to 6 little Johnsons.

Sorry you've been so sick. Glad Opal's party went well!

Momacita said...

My sweet little Opal - what a precious girl! And another creative, clever birthday idea! The kids had so much fun. I'm sorry that you were so sick, but glad that we could be there to help.

Tiffany Nevil said...

Super fun idea for a party! I love peeking in and seeing so many fun friends we know celebrating with you guys. Neat idea for the jewel mine! Happy Birthday Opie-O!