Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stuck on the Long Beach

Dada made plans to take us away for a quick trip to Long Beach, WA and stay at the beautiful World Mark hotel on the beach for Veteran's Day. We were happily surprised to be able to get the presidential suite! It was so big and roomy. All the kids had a bed even! Well, almost. The three boys shared a king bed, Kivi and Opal had their own twin beds and Pella slept in the closet in their room. Berg and Pella had so much fun exploring the whole downstairs. Berg crawled around with her to show her everything.

While they explored, the big kids and Dada went in the hot tub right on our porch and watched the waves and the sunset.

We watched a movie while we ate our nutritious dinner of mini pizza bagels and apple slices.

All the kids played with puzzles we brought from home. I think the goal was to put them together before Berg and Pella took them apart. 

Mama and Dada actually had a relaxing time drinking tea (Mama) and wine (Dada) together, eating our dinner and playing a game while the kids entertained themselves.

After we put the littles to bed, we broke out the glow sticks and dessert for our

Glow Stick Pie Party!

The next day, after relaxing, watching PBS, eating breakfast, going in the hot tub again, (We didn't even leave the hotel - which was Peter's plan all along - just to relax.) we packed up our minimal gear and headed out of town. As we pulled out onto the main road, I asked if we could drive on the beach before heading home. Peter said sure and he turned around and drove right onto the sand. I love that about WA. Just as we were within 100 feet of our beach exit spot, we got stuck. Really stuck. Even all these little people couldn't get us out.

We prayed and pushed and Dada called AAA to come get us out.

It actually gave us time to take cute pictures on the beach.

But then, just as a kind man came by to see if we needed help, AAA told us they don't tow on the beach so we ended up using his help. Only, we helped him get stuck too and we broke his tow rope.

The cute kids kept writing prayers to God and encouraging notes to Dada in the sand and we all huddled to pray and ask God to help us get unstuck. He provided two more trucks to come to our aid and help the poor man who tried to help us the first time. One man dug the tires out and the other one (who at first didn't know if he could help because he was "too busy" he told Peter as he drove circles around us filming our two stuck vehicles with his camera) pulled with his 4x4.  After about 15 times of the "pulling our van out and going a couple feet and then getting stuck again" routine, we finally made it to the road and onto solid ground. Praise God!


Momacita said...

Sometimes the most annoying interruptions become the most fun, memorable events! And another spiritual lesson is learned - whenever we're "stuck" in life, turn to Jesus and He will pull us through. Awesome picture of the Glow Stick Pie Party - how did you do that?
I love you,

Tiffany Nevil said...

HA! I vividly remember when this happened to us when we were in Westport. I laughed and laughed! So glad you made it out of there. You guys are so encouraging with your little getaways you do together.