Friday, August 22, 2014

Kivi's Surprise Pioneer Party

The day after the fourth of July we surprised Kivi by having her open a gift of five bonnets and aprons (which I spent the day before making). She knew right away that meant we were going to pioneer farms because she had been talking about how she wanted to have her 9th birthday party there, we just had no idea when we'd have it.

Since our good friends were there from Germany and Poppie and Nonnie were around we decided it would be a great time to do it and (almost) everyone dawned their pioneer clothes and we headed out to the farm.

Kivi had actually said she wanted a very small party this year, just three friends and Julia, Claire and Reagan were all able to join us! The girls played along the creek, and in the school house before we started our tour.

First we went to the old log cabin and house where you could try out the old fashioned way of homemaking. 

Then we headed to the barn, wood working shop and blacksmith shop for everyone's favorite part of the tour. We were able to saw, chop, hammer metal, milk the cow, ride the horse, play with the animals, and jump in the hay! All the stuff that's really fun when you get to do it there, but would probably be a pain if you had to actually live it to survive everyday.

We strung up a "Happy Birthday Kivi" banner, got out the raspberry chocolate bars (Kivi doesn't like cake) and brownies and sang to and kissed our girl-o.

It was a great, memorable, fun party for our pioneer loving lady.

Kivi, you are so special to us. We don't know what we'd do if you weren't in our family. You are amazing! You take on so many responsibilities and are a beautiful example to not only your brothers and sisters but also the world of a loving, selfless young lady who wants to please the Lord. You love, love to wear skirts, long skirts, many skirts, colorful skirts. You usually Heeley everywhere you go, which combined with the skirts make it look like your floating everywhere. You still love your American doll, reading, memorizing tons of scripture, winning, playing with babies (You are very excited for Baby Bear to come!), and wake boarding. We love you (and your old fashioned ways) so much! Happy 9th Pea!

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