Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two Year Old Pella Waterskis!

On July 2nd, as we are all down at the lake, swimming, wakeboarding and wading Dada asks Pella, "Do you want to go training boarding?" Nonnie and I are shocked. She's never even floated in the water by herself! She says yes. So all of a sudden we are getting her on the board and I run up to the house to get my camera, in case she actually goes through with it. I'm sure she's going to change her mind at any minute though. Poppie and Dada are in the boat, Nonnie is on the shore to steady Pella as she takes off and away she goes. She's doing it! Our two year old baby is boarding around the lake! We all scream and yell and cheer her on. Just as she was about to finish her lap around the lake, she fell off the board and we all started screaming, "Get her, get her, hurry, hurry!" Peter turned the boat around and got right next to her and jumped in and Poppie took over driving. She was screaming too, but as soon as Dada got her, she was fine, smiling even! Brave girl!

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