Tuesday, December 16, 2014

October Stuff

The kids love, love, love building with blocks. Especially these stick blocks. We made a special trip to Ikea just to buy some for Jasper's birthday only to find out they don't carry them anymore. So we finally special ordered our blocks so that all the kids had enough blocks to build with at the same time. They have come up with some great creations too! Here is Kivi's house and the train that leads right to Safeco field!

On Oct. 17 and 18th Peter took me away for my 39th birthday to a B&B in Olympia. We spent our time hunting - for bargains at all the Goodwills and kefir! We found both! The car was completely filled with treasure by the time we were done. Peter actually only searches for three things at thrift stores; Heelys, Charles Wysocki puzzles and ski gear. He did really well and found all of them multiple times.

Oct. 21 - One of our midwife appointments. We are so glad we found Dawn and Sarah! The appointments are in Dawn's cute remodeled basement turned doctor's office and the kids are welcome to come and learn and do. We took Opal, Jasper and Kivi to this one and they got to find Baby Bear's heartbeat.

Berg is learning so much! I often forget this man is four already and capable of learning so many new things. We are working on knowing numbers, writing his letters and making a letter book.

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