Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mid April Memories

April 7 - We're doing Story of the World for our history since Tuffy's been born, it's kind of taking the place of our journeying to a different country and learning all there is to know. We had fun learning about the Maori people!

April 8 - Reading Berg. Berg is an amazing reader. We think it might be because he had so much practice with letter and sound games on the iPad.

April 15 - Tuff and Dada time. My two twins with their round, bald heads, cleft chins and dimples on their left cheeks. If only Dada had bigger eyes...oh wait, no that's just scary.

April 16 - Opal and Jasper are doing great in math. They finished their second grade math and went straight into 3rd grade math like little champs.

April 16 - Tuff sitting and having tummy time with the boys.

April 17 - Jasper and Pella found a "butterfly" (actually it was the hugest moth I've ever seen!) But they were very excited to hold it and "help" it fly.

April 18 - Dada finishes up painting the house to get it ready to sell! Why didn't we do this long ago? Now it looks great. No more peach poop.
And the kids have a movie and nail day while we wait to go to church and dedicate Baby Tuff 'n Stuff!

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