Monday, July 27, 2015

Some Spring Things

Tuffy first eats rice cereal on April 22nd.

Kids teach Mama to Heeley and go out for Black Bear yogurt as a treat from our nursery workers at ReEngage on April 30th.

Grandpa catches a fish on May1st so all the kids try to catch one too on May 3rd.

Holmes come over for tea and what turned into Puppet Poetry on May 4th.

Four year old Berg finishes his first Phonics reading books and chart and gets to take the whole family out for Mud Pie on May 8th!

We went to Mount Rainier with the Norquists for Julia's Snow Birthday and we found snow! We went for a snow hike, sledded and even built snowman on May 9th.

Peter surprised me with a trip to Gene Juarez (I love to be red head) and a fun B&B overnight in Tacoma for our 15th Anniversary. I thought we weren't doing anything because we had said that buying a new home would be our Easter, Christmas, birthday and anniversary presents this year!

Free bees came to us while we were getting ready for Berg's birthday party on May 17th. Peter and I both heard loud buzzing sounds, looked up and realized there were thousands of bees overhead, so Peter cracked open the hive (our bees had died this winter) and they all swarmed in. Within 5 minutes they were all in there and you'd never know the air was black with flying insects just minutes before.

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