Tuesday, September 27, 2016

1/2 of February

Feb. 1 - The Kids put on a lovely show, "The Tuffy Ballerina Ninjas" with music by the musicians "The J" and "The B" all dressed in matching costumes and of course, a ballet skirt for Tuff. It's a musical show all about how much they all love their Tuff.

Feb. 5-7 - Peter surprised me by planning an early Valentine's getaway with the Schocks to Seattle! We ate at Lulu's spent the night at a hotel and had our fun game playing friends join us at Card Kingdom for some food and game time in our own private room! Shari and I even got to spend the whole day shopping at the Seattle Goodwill Outlet! We packed the van so full of cheap stuff, I still don't know how we got it all home!

Feb. 12-13 -Time to cut out the driveway and put in a new line! Our main water line had been leaking for some time and we had a guy come out and tell us where the line needed to be repaired, but since he said it was leaking in many different places and ran underneath the garage, Peter decided to just put in a whole new line. It was a huge project because it's a long way from the water main to our house, but he did it! The kids really wanted to help with the jack hammer and the boys removed all the asphalt. Then he rented a ditch witch to dig a long narrow hole. I tried it for a little while - it was hard to control, so Dada did it. Later that day we had Opal's birthday party!

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