Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Opal's Cow Party

Opal decided that she wanted a Cow Party this year for her 8th birthday.

The kid's get the choice of either having a party or going to Great Wolf Lodge for their 8th and the boys have both chosen GWL and the girls have both picked a party. Interesting! Her menu consisted of roast chicken, acorn squash, olives and pot stickers with chocolate milk. 
We played some fun cow games with the parents as the cows. First the kids had to lead their dads around the basement blindfolded to their water and food but along the way, their "cow" would "poop" so the kids would have to clean it up before they could continue. Then the moms put on the cow attire and the kids tried to milk them, however this was more difficult and most of the utters popped!
Opie and her cowhands.
We played pin the utter on the cow, she opened presents and handed out cowpies.
She chose ice cream as her dessert and we all sang to the birthday girl and gave her a big 8 year old birthday kiss!
We love you, Opal! You are generous and creative. You are an amazing reader and great at math, a grade level above where you should be.  Your penmanship is lovely. You love to get gifts for your siblings, make cards, and take care of Tuffy. You have a knack for fashion and come up with some super cute outfits. You like to draw, dance and sing. You love Kivi. You love cows. You sometimes like to be by yourself and still love your NayNay (blanket) and have to sleep with it every night. You love Jesus and you are working really hard at having self control, especially when you don't want to do something that you are asked to do. We can physically see your spirit fight what you want to do and try to obey. You're getting there O! We know you can do it! We pray you will use your strength and passion for God's kingdom and to do things others can't for the glory of God.
Happy 8th Birthday, Opie O!

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