Thursday, May 4, 2017

April 2017 - The Easter of Sick

April 1 & 2 - Peter works on getting the mud room pretty for me to be our makeshift kitchen while we undergo a major kitchen remodel.
April 12-15th  - Kivi and Mama sew Easter dresses. Kivi works on sewing her first dress.
April 13 - Easter egg day! And we celebrate Passover with a simple, modified celebration. We shaped tortillas into matzah and dyed lemonade purple for the wine. But Dada walked us through the whole Haggadah. 
April 14 - Tuff helps with dress sewing. 
We make our Holy Week crafts and display them on Mama's old windows.
April 15 - We're all ready for Easter! Our house is clean, our Holy Week Art is beautiful, everyone is coming to celebrate, our dresses are sewn, the clothes are all laid out!
April 16 , 3am - Kids start throwing up!! Dada and I have a long night. 6am - we tell everyone we have to cancel Easter. 8am - Kivi realizes we're not going to church and that no one will see her dress. Crying. One by one they all go down, Pella, Berg, Opal, Tuff, Eben, Jasper. Only Kivi, Coal, Dada and Mama haven't thrown up. But Kivi and Dada sleep all day. And Mama thinks that Dada is just trying to get out of vomit clean-up. (Some of our children have NO idea how to puke in a container, even when it's right in front of them!) We tell the kids we'll have Easter the next day. But the next day Coal and Mama sleep all day and can't get out of bed even if they wanted to. And Mama feels bad that she thought poorly of her sick hubby, who couldn't help the day before because he was actually sick, not hiding.

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