Friday, May 12, 2017

Easter 2.0

A week later... we pretended it was Easter! Like nothing had gone wrong. We wore our Easter best. We said, "He is Risen" to everyone. We took our traditional Holt Chapel stairs picture (for the last time! It will be torn down next year for the remodel.).
 We even had the scavenger hunt to find the giant Easter basket which was hidden in the hot tub in our room. (Yes, that's a hot tub. In our room. There was no water in it at this time, so it was a perfect hiding place.). This year we actually gave the kids three Easter baskets, one large boys' one, one large girls' one, one candy (with a surprise) basket, paddle boards, and a drum, xylophone and flute. It was a big Easter 2.0 present year.
 They opened the boy and girl baskets and Dada brought around the paddle boards from the garage and they opened the musical instruments.
Then we told them to look in the candy basket and at the bottom was a little onesie with a number nine that matched their Easter clothes.
Eben knew what it was right away because he's the one who found it, but the rest couldn't really see it, so I held it up and they were all super excited and clapped and cheered and hugged. I think they all actually knew deep down that we were pregnant. Jasper was the first one to kiss my belly, months ago. Weeks before Opal started talking to the "babies" because she and Kivi had been praying that we would have twin girls. (We know there is only one baby!) Even Tuff would come up lift up my shirt and kiss "the bobby".

So instead of a basket picture this year (my first time ever missing that detail!) We have a new baby announcement Easter picture! We are due in November. Oh Valentine's, you get us every time!! This will be our third November baby. Unless I get Cholestastis again! Then we will have 2 October babies.

The best was Face Timing my parents and wishing them a happy Easter and then they asked to see Buggy's belly and first Dodie stood up and held up the "9" onesie then Buggy stood up and held up the "10" onesie and then I stood up and held up the "11" onesie and we hear Pops slowly count, "Nine, Ten, Eleven." and then his eyes get wide and Mamacita screams "What, what? Are you serious? Are you serious?" I wish we had thought to get it all on video. We all started laughing so hard. We took a picture of all their 11 grandbabies and babies to come, in order.

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