Monday, July 10, 2017

MAY We Demolish the Kitchen? Yes, you MAY!

May 4 - Actually I just want to remember how this silly boy sits straight up with his legs outstretched not touching the ground on grass, carpet, wood, anything. No adult can do this.
We also finally had a very late Easter Egg hunt.
May 7 - We officially start to demo the kitchen, box things and store them in the Mama/Dada room, move stuff to the mud room and tear out cabinets!
May 13 - More demo
and we go out to eat at Pacific Grill with our friends the Wells for our 17th anniversary!
May 14 - The kids get to meet their new cousin for the first time on Mother's Day!
May 15 - Tile removal! The kids were amazing! The jack hammer was not. It broke about 4 different times.
May 16 -  More tile removal in the dining room now, after a crowded breakfast in the living room.

After two days of extreme hard work. Dada took the kids to pizza. Not just any pizza, really, really big pizza! AND he bought them another Switch!!! - Say, Whaaaaaaat? (Said in a Tuff super high voice, which is what he does all the time after saying, "Boom, boom. Shake the room.")

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