Friday, October 6, 2017

Awana Celebration and Spring Pageant

May 17th was our Awana Awards Ceremony. Berg finished his Sparks book, Pella finished her Cubbies book, Opal and Jasper finished their T&T book and got awards. 
Berg and Jasper both went above and beyond and earned special awards! Grandmas and Grandpas were there to celebrate with the kids and Dada did an awesome job as Commander for the year and wrapping it all up on this night of celebration.

May 21st was our spring pageant. The kids worked hard on The Kingdom Connection. Mama choreographed, her favorite thing. Kivi led the littles dance. Pella got to dance, Berg danced and said a line. Opal was a special dancer and had a line and Jasper was King David!

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