Saturday, September 29, 2018

Hairy End of March 2018!

March 22 - Best Brother Babies
and HAIR... I'm mean Hail!!

March 23 - Sweet  No-Haired Swiggy, plays with toys now! And really likes his feet too!
March 23 -25 - Ocean Shores mini trip. We followed a bunch of deer on our walk. The rest of this trip was sadly spent in sickness for Mama and Dada. The kids played lots of video games and watched TV. I didn't do anyone's hair.

March 28 - Crazy HAIR Night at Awana!

March 30 - The Sheep Farm with the Holmes  - the shepherd even gave us a HAIRy sheep pelt!

March 31 - Tuff's first HAIRcut! It was getting long. Dada said it was time and talked the boy into a haircut. Mama cried as she cut.
Boy bath time and then an egg hunt in the backyard. Pella had been with a friend at the circus and they got their faces painted.

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